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Commerical Power Washing 

Commerical Power Washing
Pressure Washing services

Suffolk power washing Long Island's #1 provider for commercial power washing. We only use the highest quality products and the most up to date professional equipment.


Suffolk Power Washing will arrive at your property with a fully equipped flatbed truck and trailer. Equipped with ladders and all the highly desired ecofriendly detergents or degreasers, and Professionally power wash the areas you need cleaned. Using the appropriate nozzle and pressure settings for each specific job. We have been power washing NYC and tristate area store fronts, commercial property, residential buildings and homes since 2019


Commercial property services

Exterior cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Gutters & Downspouts, Awning cleaning, Graffiti removal, Chewing Gum Removal & more!


We’ll service

Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Banks & Churches, Retail Stores / Storefronts, Office Buildings, Gas / Service Stations

Parking Garages & much more

Power Washing
Pressure Washing
Industrial Power Washing
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Routine washing 

Always keep your business or property looking it's best. With our biweekly, monthly or quarterly services. whether it's a building wash, surface cleaning, dumpster cleaning or window cleaning we have you covered  

Industrial power washing 

Industrial pressure washing is a surface preparation technique used by cleaning experts to clean surfaces before painting. It's a process that utilizes high pressure to strip concrete or steel of their paint and debris. This type of cleaning can be employed when you want to get rid of grease, peeling paint. Eliminate mold and mildew and much more on any industrial equipment and or building 

Shopping centers 

Improve and maintain the overall quality and cleanliness of your shopping center or store front with our power washing services. We currently provide building, structure, surface / sidewalk, loading dock and window cleaning 

Apartment & Condo washing 

Our Maintenace soft washing will keep your complex clean, which in turn will keep your tenants happy. No job is too big or too small for us. Contact us today to go over a few of our Maintenace options.

Fleet Washing 

Suffolk Power Washing, takes pride in our fleet wash services. We service all type of fleet vehicles, and any size of fleet. As reliable mobile wash technicians, we take pride in cleaning your fleet. The last thing you need to worry about is having a neglected fleet. We have the experience to get the job done right so your vehicles last longer, look more attractive and clean to reflect a positive business image, which creates a  long lasting impression on your customers.

Graffiti Removal 

Professionally remove any vandalism from your property with our graffiti removal services. Our trained technicians have the proper equipment to effetely and efficiently remove all type of graffiti. 

Side walk / concrete cleaning

Concrete, asphalt, pavers or any surface is the footprint to your business. Clean & sanitized environments are a must for commercial properties. Gum, Grime and bird droppings can easily be removed to keep your surfaces looking top notch year round.

If you don't maintain your kitchen exhaust hood, you are leaving your business vulnerable to disaster with preventable kitchen accidents. Flammable substances can accumulate under the hood and lead to a fire in your kitchen.

It can also lower the hood's overall efficiency and hygiene. In kitchens, hygiene is of the utmost importance and can make or break your business. Don't lose your restaurant to a health inspection failure because you neglected your kitchen hood maintenance. 

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Bay Shore, NY 11706


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