Paver Restoration 

Are your brick pavers tired,worn out, covered in mold mildew and algae? Don't worry Suffolk Power Washing offers Paver restorations and patio power washing all around the long island NY area. We only use the most state of the art equipment with specially formulated cleaning solutions, Combined with our years of experience will provide only the best results. 

Patio Restoration Process

Remove all growth We apply a product that neutralizes all organic growth on your patio

Clean the pavers we agitate our specially formulated solution, then use 20" surface cleaners to ensure the pavers are spotless

Resand once the pavers are complely cleaned we allow them to dry for a full 24-48 hours before filling all joints with polymeric sand.

Sealing this is an additional option that we offer. (two) coats of Seal n' Lock Super Wet sealer to ensure years of protection


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