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Restaurant and Kitchen Vent Hood Cleaning in Suffolk & Nassau

Improve The Cleanliness And Performance Of Your Kitchen With Our Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Service.
Request a No-Obligation Quote for Vent Hood Cleaning
A neglected kitchen hood can lead to serious problems down the road. Suffolk Power Washing offers quality vent hood cleaning services that can extend the life of your kitchen vent hood and improve its overall performance. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote on exhaust vent cleaning today. 

Keep a Clean Kitchen with Suffolk Power Washing
If you don't maintain your kitchen exhaust hood, you are leaving your business vulnerable to disaster with preventable kitchen accidents. Flammable substances can accumulate under the hood and lead to a fire in your kitchen.
It can also lower the hood's overall efficiency and hygiene. In kitchens, hygiene is of the utmost importance and can make or break your business. Don't lose your restaurant to a health inspection failure because you neglected your kitchen hood maintenance. 

How Does Restaurant Hood Vent Cleaning Work?
There are multiple steps in the hood vent cleaning process. The first is an inspection to assess the current state of the hood vent. This helps determine the level of cleaning required in terms of materials and labor.
This inspection often requires disassembling the hood to inspect its various parts for buildups and vulnerabilities. These inspections present an opportunity to identify a potential danger area that you can then focus on in the future. 
The second step involves replacing the filter. It is recommended that you change the filter every three months or 120 hours of cooking - whichever comes first. 
Another area to look out for is the fans. Fans can accumulate grease and other food particle deposits that can limit the performance of the exhaust. We apply the proper cleaning solution to not only clean but sanitize the fans for future use. 
Grease is the primary concern for restaurant hood vent systems. It can accumulate on the walls of the hood and lead to fires, uncleanliness, and other issues. Our service removes grease buildup and leaves you with a spotless kitchen exhaust fan ready for use.
Our Hood Vent Cleaning Process
Step One: Request an Inspection
Contact our office to schedule an inspection of your restaurant kitchen hood vent. 
Step Two: Service Call and Quote
One of our technicians will visit your property and assess its current condition. This inspection will help them provide an accurate quote for cleaning based on how severe the buildup is. 
Step Three: Cleanup Service
Our team will come out on time and work quickly on your exhaust hood cleaning. We can disassemble, clean, and reassemble your hood vent in no time between service shifts so you can get back to delivering quality products for your customers. 

Contact Us to Get Your Hood Vent Pressure Cleaned
What are you waiting for? Call us for any restaurant or kitchen hood vent cleaning in Suffolk or Nassau County. We are standing by ready to help!
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