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7 Rewarding Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

Updated: May 1, 2023

The appearance and cleanliness of your home's exterior are just as important as the interior.

Nothing gives your house a fresh new look quite like a quality power washing job.

Power washing delivers a deep clean that other methods can't achieve. But power washing benefits go far beyond appearance.

Hiring a power washing service is also an investment in the longevity and safety of your home.

Read on to discover 7 rewarding benefits of this innovative way to clean your home.

1. Boosts Curb Appeal

The most obvious benefit of power washing is that it improves your home's appearance and boosts curb appeal. Whether you're trying to sell your home or just give it a facelift, pressure washing provides a visible improvement.

You can power wash a variety of surfaces around your house including the roof, siding, decks, walkways, and driveway. As years of dirt and build-up blast away, you'll see the difference immediately.

Pressure washing removes moss, dirt, and other grime quickly and efficiently. Now, your home will make a great first impression for prospective buyers, neighbors, and family.

2. Prevents Damage

Several things can cause damage to your home including inclement weather, acts of God, and unexpected accidents. Most homeowners don't realize that built-up grime, dirt, and mildew on the exterior of your house are equally as dangerous.

If you don't clean your home's exterior regularly, these substances can eat away at surfaces, causing deterioration. No material is safe. Dirt and grime can corrode paint, sealant, and other coatings.

Once these coatings wear away, the surfaces beneath are exposed and susceptible to further damage. This includes wooden decks and railings and vinyl siding.

Now, your interior walls are also vulnerable to moisture, insects, and other vermin.

3. Saves Time and Money

Some homeowners shy away from hiring power washing services due to cost. Unfortunately, neglecting this important home maintenance job will lead to bigger, more expensive problems down the road.

Doing the job yourself is time-consuming, costly, and the results may not be what you expected.

Hiring a skilled and experienced pressure washing service is a long-term investment. By getting the job done right the first time, you can prevent future damage and expenses.

Think of it as preventative maintenance.

In addition to the price tag, power washing delivers a deeper clean in half the time. Instead of struggling with a bucket of soap and water and a long-handled brush, you can finish the job in a fraction of the time.

Save money on buying an expensive power washer by hiring a professional service that uses professional equipment.

4. Makes Your Home Safe

Keeping your home safe is about more than just installing a security system with cameras and alarms. Deep cleaning the exterior of your home helps keep the contents safe and healthy -- including your family.

Similar to maintaining your physical health, you need to maintain the health and cleanliness of your home. Built-up dirt and grime are breeding grounds for dangerous germs, bacteria, and critters, including those that transmit dangerous diseases.

Leaving your home susceptible to corrosion also leaves the interior vulnerable to airborne spores. Removing grime and dirt also removes the risk of illness.

Pollen is another common and unpleasant substance that can destroy the look and safety of your home. This is especially true if your family suffers from seasonal allergies.

Sneezing, itchy watery eyes, coughing, and congestion are all signs that pollen on the outside of your home is slowly seeping in.

5. Increases Your Home's Value

Power washing can make your house look like a million bucks -- and increase the actual worth too!

Before you put your house on the market, you might need to perform a few renovations. Simple upgrades like painting the interior walls, adding outdoor lighting, and cleaning the siding, decks, and walkways can instantly increase your home's value.

Prospective buyers don't want to buy a house that looks dirty and unkempt from the outside. In fact, they may never make it inside if they see a thick coat of dirt, grime, or mildew on the exterior.

They may also start to question the cleanliness, safety, and upkeep of the entire property.

Walking up to a clean house with well-kept decks, walkways, and siding gives them confidence in their choice and in you as a trustworthy homeowner.

6. Prep for Home Renovations

The best home renovations are done using a clean slate. Before making changes to your home's exterior, you need to clean your house thoroughly.

This includes major home renovations like adding an addition or replacing the siding. Placing brand new materials on a dirty surface is counterproductive and may cause complications later on.

Power washing will remove all surface dirt and debris as well as peeling paint or residue. Now, you'll have a smooth, clean, primed surface to work with.

7. Environmentally Friendly

The world is going green lately. By "green", we don't mean green mildew or pollen on your house.

If you want an environmentally-friendly way to clean the exterior of your house, hire professionals that are skilled at doing a quick and efficient job.

When you pressure wash, you run the risk of wasting a lot of water. You can also inadvertently harm the environment by using chemicals and products that aren't good for the soil. Grease and other pollutants can run into the nearby sewer or ground, causing contamination.

An experienced company will minimize the negative impact on the environment by avoiding harmful cleaners and using techniques that use less water.

This not only protects the environment but all living things that come in contact with the pressure washer's run-off.

Professional Power Washing is an Investment in Your Health and Home

Power washing the exterior of your home is about more than just a beautiful appearance (although that's important, too!). It's about preventing damage, removing toxic substances, and increasing your home's value.

Routine cleaning and maintenance are beneficial, but pressure washing provides a deep clean that elbow grease can't compete with.

The professionals at Suffolk Power Washing have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to transform your home and lifestyle.

Click here to get a quote today!

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